APR 14th 2021

Announcement of listing on PancakeSwap

KIZUNANO COIN (KIZN) will be listed on Pancake Swap on April 14, 2021 at 13:00 JST.

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange of BSC (Binance Smart Chain). BNB (Binance Coin) is required as a gas fee to buy and sell coins on PancakeSwap. BNB can be purchased on the Binance Exchange (https://www.binance.com/en).

■ Necessary items in advance (PC users)

MetaMask is required. In addition, you need to put 0.01 BNB or more (current price is less than 500 yen) in your BSC address.
Please see the procedure here.


■ Necessary items in advance (Android / iPhone users)
Trust Wallet app is recommended. In addition, you need to put 0.01 BNB or more (current price is less than 500 yen) in your BSC address.
You can download it from here.
Select "Smart Chain" when creating the wallet. "BNB" is a different item (BEP2).

■ Send BNB from Binance
Select BEP20 as the remittance address (note that it is not BEP2).

■ Addition of BSC version KIZN (MetaMask)
Click "︙" to the right of "Profile Summary" on the page below and click "Add Token to Web3 Wallet".

■ Addition of BSC version KIZN (Trust Wallet)
Click the icon in the upper right corner of the wallet to go to "Token Search". Then select "Add Custom Token". Enter the address below.

KIZUNANO COIN should be selected automatically.

■ Access to Pancake Swap (MetaMask)
Access the page below and select "Unlock Wallet" or "Meta Mask".

■ Access to Pancake Swap (Android / Trust Wallet)
If you search for DeFi from the DApps tab, you will find "Pancake Swap".

How to use Pancake Swap.


■ Access to Pancake Swap (iPhone / Trust Wallet)
Please refer to the following page.

■ How to use Pancake Swap (buying and selling)
If you want to buy KIZN from here, enter 0xe789d56a43ba6db5236f1121fc73acfffa728c74 in "Select a token" of "From" tab to search.
If you want to sell KIZN from here, enter 0xe789d56a43ba6db5236f1121fc73acfffa728c74 in "Select a token" of "To" tab to search.

■ How to use Pancake Swap (providing liquidity)
Liquidity provision means providing liquidity to the market by providing a pair of KIZN and BNB (locking up KIZN and its equivalent BNB).
This method, which was started by UniSwap, has become the main method in Dex (Distributed Exchange) today.
You can make money from PancakeSwap by providing liquidity.
-In "Add Liquidity", enter
in the place of "Select a token" at the beginning to search.
・ Enter the number you want to line up on the selling board
・ The number of BNBs with the same value will be displayed.
・ Click "Supply"

How to convert.

■ About the price of KIZUNANO COIN (KIZN) Currently, the current price is full because we do not have operating funds, but after the KIZUNANO project succeeds and raises funds in the future, we will push forward toward 1 cent stable coin.

■ How to convert to BSC version KIZN
If you are at KIZUNANO WALLET (https://wallet.kizunanocoin.com/), please send KIZN to discord wallet.
The KIZN address of the discord wallet can be found by typing! Deposit in #balance.
If you don't like being seen by others, send a DM command to TipBot and it will work the same.
After depositing to discord wallet, use the following withdrawal command.
! withdraw 0xXXXXXXXXXX <amount>
0xXXXXXXXXXXXX is the deposit address of the BSC version of KIZN (42 digits), and <amount> is the number you want to withdraw (more than 1000).
* Please note that once converted to BSC version KIZN, it cannot be converted back to Nano version.
* The above command cannot be used until listing.
* The operation will bear the gas fees for remittance.


FEB 15th 2021

Launch of Japanese first decentralized exchange

The recent DeFi boom is raising a lot of money. Therefore, in order to stabilize the business, TKC will launch Japanese first decentralized exchange "Kizunano Swap" based on the Binance Smart Chain. Binance Coin (BNB) is required as a gas fee to use Kizunano Swap.

Jan 9th 2021

KIZ rescue swap Result announcement


Internal transfer for KIZ in BitZ from 1st Dec to 31st 2020.

Total amount: 5,839,994,719 KIZ

All personal information has been erased for application form.

KIZUNANO COIN -KIZN- basic information

Max Supply: 20,000,000,000KIZN

The total KIZUNANO COIN lockup amount by “SEVEN WHALES” is 6,294,665,553 KIZN now.

225,153,031 KIZN

421,978,165 KIZN

400,000,000 KIZN

400,000,000 KIZN

400,000,000 KIZN

400,000,000 KIZN

240,000,990 KIZN

407,476,747 KIZN

1,400,000,000 KIZN

1,400,000,000 KIZN

600,056,620 KIZN


Dec 25th 2020

THE KIZUINANO CORP. launched in Jakarta Indonesia campaign.

You get amount of your follower x KIZN! (min 100 max 1,000,000) 25th Dec to 8th Jan 2021.


How to join


1. follow @newkizunacoin of TKC's official Twitter.


2. Retweet this post with your wallet address https://wallet.kizunanocoin.com/

Dec 25th 2020

Relocation and group name change


The KIZUNANO Association will move to Jakarta in Indonesia on Feb 1st 2021. The name of The KIZUNANO Association will be changed to THE KIZUNANO CORPORATION -TKC- to start the cryptocurrency business, and it will reborn as a completely new organization.

The KIZUNANO Association






Dec 25th 2020

New CEO and move to new addministration team


Sendy Ariani will appoint as the new CEO of THE KIZUNANO Corp. on Feb 1st 2021. TKC will be operated by PT mameCoin Indonesia Berbagi inc and the TKC members to start various businesses.

Dec 25th 2020

KIZUNANO logo has been renewed





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